November 24, 2017

State Required Documentation

Following District registration, NJ–L2L will contact trained mentors to pair with each Resident. The pairing is based on criteria that best matches each mentor’s professional and administrative experience with the particular circumstances of each Resident’s position, for example:

  • school type (i.e. elementary, middle, high school)
  • community type (i.e. urban, suburban, rural)
  • district Director position (i.e. special education, curriculum and instruction)
  • unique requirements of the specific position

NJ–L2L will contact the mentor, Resident, and District Contact Person to confirm the pairing of the mentor and Resident, and to provide relevant information to begin the Residency.

The Residency will begin upon the Mentor’s submission of the Resident’s resume and the following five (5) State–required documents with original signatures to FEA/NJ–L2L (Attn: Ilsa Abbott):

  • Statement of Assurance
  • Standard Residency Agreement
  • Residency Plan - Years 1 and 2
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Training Program for Principals

Mentors will log into the mentors section and download each of the required documents as needed from the documents downloads section. All five (5) documents, the Resident’s resume, and the $800 Administrative fee should be submitted by the mentor at the same time in order to facilitate the process. Forms should not be sent separately. Residents and mentors should make copies for their files. NOTE: The Residency Plan should be completed for both Year 1 and Year 2.

Within two (2) weeks of notification of pairing with their Residents, mentors arrange an initial meeting with their Residents and District Contact Persons to complete all five required documents. A copy of the Board of Education’s minutes is attached to the Statement of Assurance. The Mentor and Resident retain copies of all documents for their records.

All documents are forwarded to NJ–L2L by the mentor within two (2) weeks of the initial meeting. NJ–L2L transmits original signed documents to the NJDOE and maintains copies in a file for each Resident. The initial meeting between the mentor and Resident also provides an opportunity for them to determine if their pairing together appears to be suitable. If there are any concerns, either may request a pairing with a different mentor.

The NJDOE issues the two–year Provisional Certification and notifies Districts and Residents within 45 days following receipt of all State–required documents.

Establishment of a District Advisory Panel (DAP) in each school district is a State–requirement. A minimum of 2–3 district administrators will be named to the DAP, which is intended to provide additional support to the Resident. Individuals named to the DAP should be principals and district administrators who can contribute to providing the support needed by the Resident. Human resource department administrators may also serve on the DAP. The DAP should not include supervisors or teachers, or an administrator who is the primary evaluator for the Resident.

Note: The State professional development requirement for school leaders is waived for new school leaders participating in the two–year Residency and will be in effect for year 3 of their employment.

For more information contact the Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA) at (609) 860–1200, or e–mail us by clicking here.