January 18, 2018

Important NJ–L2L Registration Notice

All school districts with new school administrators (Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, and Assistant Directors) need to register their new administrators on our web site. Please use our registration form to enroll your new administrators today.

NJ–L2L At A Glance

New Jersey Leaders to Leaders (NJ–L2L) is a State-approved comprehensive mentoring and induction program for new school leaders that provides trained mentors and a range of continuing professional development programs and services to support new school leaders in successful completion of the State–required two–year Residency for Standard Principal Certification.

State–Required Residency

All individuals who hold a Certificate of Eligibility for Principal and are hired as of July 1, 2005 into positions that require principal certification (i.e. principal, vice/assistant principal, director, assistant director) must complete the State–required two–year Residency and be assessed by a trained State–approved mentor who will recommend the Resident for Standard Principal Certification upon successful completion of the Residency at the end of two years. Following receipt of State–required documents at the beginning of the Residency, the NJDOE issues a two–year Provisional Certification for the term of the Residency.

NJ–L2L Program Design

NJ–L2L is standards–driven and aligned with the New Jersey Professional Standards for School Leaders and the national Technology Standards for School Administrators (TSSA). NJ–L2L’s program design provides intensive and sustained mentoring support for new school leaders and develops a professional network among mentors and Residents as they begin to face the complexity of their new roles and engage in a range of job–embedded Residency experiences. The Year 1 Residency requires a minimum of 45 mentoring contact hours, and the Year 2 Residency requires a minimum of 30 mentoring contact hours. Mentoring consists of school visits, observations, one–on–one conferences, and Peer Support Group meetings that provide an opportunity for "team mentoring" where mentors and Residents from different districts come together to network, discuss their experiences, and provide collegial support. Residents and their mentors begin NJ–L2L with an Orientation where Resident complete standards–based self–assessments and begin to plan their Residency experiences. During Year 1, under the guidance of their mentors, Residents engage in eight "Explorations into School Leadership Practice" that are aligned with the NJ Professional Standards for School Leaders. At the end of Year 1, Residents are required to identify two to three barriers to effective teaching and learning in their districts/schools and plan a job–embedded Action Research Project for Year 2 that addresses each of the identified barriers. In Year 2, Residents will complete their Action Research Projects, which are assessed by their mentors, and share their projects with other Residents in their Peer Support Groups. The State requires that mentors complete five (5) assessments during the two–year Residency (four formative and one summative). At the end of two years, mentors recommend Residents for Standard Principal Certification if they have successfully met all State criteria for completion of the Residency.


NJ–L2L mentors are trained and State–approved. Mentors are selected based on their records as accomplished school leaders and practitioners in a range of school and district leadership positions. Mentors are paired with Residents based on the most suitable match of each mentor’s administrative experience and expertise, and the particular circumstances of each Resident’s position. Mentors and Residents will have an opportunity to meet before beginning the Residency to determine if the "fit" is right for each of them, and the pairing may be changed at any time if either mentor or Resident requests it. Those interested in mentoring must apply to NJ–L2L and complete the State-required NJ–L2L Mentor Training Program.

Registration Process

The hiring district must register each new school leader by clicking here. Districts will receive confirmation of the registration. When the registration is received, NJ–L2L will begin the Resident–Mentor pairing process. Mentors will contact the Residents with whom they are paired within two (2) weeks of the district’s registration to schedule an initial meeting with the Resident and District Contact Person to complete the State-required documents for the Residency. Mentors will be responsible for transmitting all State–required documents to NJ–L2L, and NJ–L2L will maintain copies for its records and forward originals to the NJDOE within thirty (30) days of the District’s registration. The Residency will begin when all required documents and full payment of the registration fee is received by FEA. Notification of receipt of documents and payment will be sent to all relevant parties.

Registration Fee (for residents who will begin their residency on or after July 1, 2010)

A revised plan to streamline the payment process has been developed. As of July 1, 2010, residents will pay their mentors directly. The fee for year-one mentoring should be payable in the following manner:

$800 Two-year administrative fee paid by credit card (download the Payment Form for Payment by Credit) or by check made out to FEA and submitted to:
12 Centre Drive
Monroe Township, NJ 08331-1564
$1,500 The mentor stipend must be paid by the resident to the mentor by the end of the 10th month
$1,000 The mentor stipend must be paid by the resident to the mentor by the end of the 24th month

Attach check or Payment by Credit Card Form when submitting your resident documents.

Six–Month Residency

Individuals who hold out–of–state principal certification but do not hold the required master’s degree will be eligible for New Jersey principal certification upon presenting official documentation of a master’s degree in any area, five years of successful full–time experience as a principal or assistant principal under the out–of–state principal certificate, an offer of employment in a position that requires principal certification. These individuals must complete a six–month mentor–directed Residency completed under provisional certification. The State’s professional development requirement is waived during their six–month Residency. Within the six–month Residency period, Residents will:

  • Complete online self–assessments at the beginning of the Residency and job–embedded Explorations into School Leadership Practice under the guidance of their mentors
  • Engage in a minimum of 30 contact hours of mentoring support (i.e. on–site visits, observations, conferences)
  • Focus their Residency activities on State–required topics (i.e. New Jersey school law and finance)
  • Develop the State–required Professional Growth Plan (PGP) by the end of the six–month Residency period
  • Receive a Formative Assessment at the end of three (3) months and a Summative Assessment at the end of six (6) months

Graduate Credit Option

Residents who are interested in obtaining graduate credit for one or both years of their residency (4 graduate credits per year) should consult with their districts when they begin the Residency to determine what documentation the district will accept for reimbursement and/or advancement on the salary guide. The following documentation is available:

  • NJ–L2L Letter of Completion, Year 1 & Year 2
  • Thomas Edison State College (TESC) transcripts

The process for TESC transcripts may be downloaded from our downloads section after you log into the resident’s section.

FEA Mission

The FEA is a non–profit organization dedicated to advancing school leadership in New Jersey through professional development, service, scholarships, and support for research and dissemination in the field of educational leadership. The NJ–L2L Program is one of many FEA programs and services to school leaders in New Jersey.

For more information, you can either click here to download the NJ–L2L program description, contact the Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA) at (609) 860-1200, or e-mail us by clicking here.